I regret to inform that Rainier Mountain Sportz was officially closed in January 2020 and here is why...

In short Jaki Hawkins (pictured above) decided to empty the shop and leave it all behind for a promising career in the exotic dancing/sugar daddy lifestyle. Even with multiple offers from her once business partner and shop manager Mat Taylor to try and pay her off and keep the store alive, she refused and ignored his plea and emptied the store out, taking ALL of the inventory without any notice including hard drives that contains thousands of personal and professional photos that Mat Taylor has taken that. To be clear Mat Taylor was never paid during the 2+ years of completely building and managing the business. It was his dream shop he built from the ground up, literally putting his blood, sweat and tears into. Thousands of dollars and hours of time of his was put into the shop and he was left with literally nothing.

The injustice over this situation goes deep and the customers that once loved this shop have a right to know what Jaki decided to do. She's now using the money and equipment from that business to try and teach yoga as a cover for her other work activities.

It's time people who use, con and manipulate others for the benefit of their own good are called out and the truth to be known. Stand up for injustice in the world or these people will continue hurt the people they use! 

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